The latest issue of Railway Age highlights the success OmniTRAX has had with zMAX micro-lubricant for locomotives:

OmniTRAX tested zMax in three EMD locomotives: one SD50 equipped with a 16-645F3B, one GP38-2 equipped with a 16-645E and one GP38-3 equipped with a 16-645E for one year in the Illinois area. The engines were approximately three-quarters into their normal expected life cycle.


“After the first six months, I was sold on getting zMAX into the rest of our fleet, simply because of how it cut down the amount of oil the engine was pushing out the stack during the winter months while idling,” Moon says. “During annual inspections on these locomotives, we noticed how the air boxes were cleaner than normal, with fewer ash deposits. There was less carbon buildup in the stacks, and no excessive wear on any internal engine parts.


“With these types of results in addition to what I will call the ‘soft’ benefits—no more dry starts due to better lubricated-metal and bearing surfaces, and labor savings by not having to wash the locomotives as often—I made the decision that zMAX was going to be part of our normal maintenance practices. We recently rolled out a new mechanical instruction to all OmniTRAX properties. Orders have been placed, and soon we will have 100 locomotives across the U.S. and Canada using zMAX.”

You can read the rest of the article here.

LEJAK & Associates, the exclusive distributor of zMAX, will be exhibiting at the ASLRRA Connections Convention in Grapevine Texas April 23rd and 24th. We be demonstrating zMAX with our locomotive experts onsite to answer any questions you might have. We hope to see you there!