zMAX Locomotive Micro-lubricant

zMAX treated locomotives are currently operating with dramatic results at several Short-Line Railroads.

zMAX Delivers Savings on Fuel, Maintenance and Oil Consumption.

zMAX treated locomotives are currently operating with dramatic results at several Short-Line Railroads. Check out the tabs below to learn more about What is zMAX?, the Benefits of Using zMAX, Why You Should Use zMAX, and zMAX Test Results.

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zmax-soak-infographic-300dpi-rgb-lgWhat is zMAX?

  • zMAX Micro-lubricant was developed in 1938 to insure positive lubrication for engines during initial start-up, running conditions and non-use.
  • The only product of its kind, zMAX is a pure petroleum product compatible with all motor oils.
  • zMAX molecules have been reformulated smaller than regular engine oil molecules. This allows the zMAX micro-molecules to soak into the metal.

How Does zMAX work?

  • zMAX Micro-lubricant keeps metal surfaces cooler and better lubricated to help fuels and oils do the job they were designed for.
  • zMAX uses the oil as a carrying agent to reach the metal.
  • Penetrates into metal 82x deeper [photo right] than other lubricants (based on Auger Electron Spectroscopy).
  • zMAX penetrates, lubricates, cleans and protects metal from the inside out. There is simply no other product like zMAX micro-lubricant.
  • Disperses varnish, carbon and other harmful performance robbing deposits.
  • zMAX is incorporated into your 92-day locomotive maintenance schedule.

Oil-Chem Research Laboratory

Benefits of Using zMAX

  • Measurable fuel and oil savings
  • Reduces exhaust stack emissions of black smoke and oil particulates
  • Reduced ground pollution from oil puddling
  • For new and used locomotives and all fuel types
  • Replenish into oil during 92 day inspection
  • Results gained through improved combustion efficiency

zMAX Helps Improve Fuel Efficiency in New and Used Engines

  • zMAX has proven itself to reduce fuel consumption by an average of 5% in engines.
  • Has been time tested over 70 years in both field and laboratory tests.
  • zMAX maintains the critical oil film seal between the pistons, rings and cylinder walls resulting in proper combustion sealing (reduced blow-by).
  • Proper combustion sealing increases horsepower, reduces and stabilizes fuel and oil consumption.
  • Proper combustion sealing reduces oil particulate emissions, black smoke (partially burned fuel) out the exhaust stack and oil puddles from the crank case breather hose.
  • zMAX improves lubricity and reduces wear.
  • In used engines, zMAX will dissolve and disperse harmful deposits, helping improve and maintain performance.
  • In new engines, zMAX will maintain baseline performance throughout the life of the engine.
  • zMAX is safe to use in older engines with silver bearings.

Why Use zMAX?


Piston Tops Before and After using zMAX

Turbo Chargers

  • Increased cooling, reduces deposits and provides better heat dissipation at shut down and helps improve turbo response.

Non-Use and Startup

  • zMAX oil film stays in the metal, continuously protecting against corrosion.
  • Instant oil film at start up protects surfaces until full lubrication reaches components.
  • Beneficial for locomotives in short or long term storage.

Metal Cooling

  • Improved heat transfer from zMAX’s micro-lubrication results in cooler surfaces and less thermal distortion.
  • Less oil breakdown / better lubricated and cleaner surfaces / viscosity stability.

Less Deposit Build-Up

  • Deposits reduce oil flow and the oil’s ability to transfer heat.
  • zMAX-treated surfaces stay lubricated so it’s difficult for deposits to form on them.
  • zMAX continuously weeps out the metal pores and stays on the metal.

Better Compression

  • Results in more efficient combustion
  • Improves fuel economy, increases horsepower and lowers emissions.
  • zMAX’s ability to cool and lubricate cylinder walls helps keep the critical oil film seal between pistons/rings and cylinder walls.
  • Smoother running engine, improved throttle response.

The Tests

Field Tests at Western Short-Line

Comparison of the two oil filters indicates cleaner oil with less deposits using zMAX application.


Field Tests at Southern Short-Line

Two SW1500 locomotives were treated on May 8, 2014 with zMAX into the oil systems.

  • At the 92 day inspection period, customer reported a reduction in black smoke on both treated units.
  • Oil analysis performed with paper chromatography.
  • Results show less soot, which correlates with improved combustion. See photos on next slide.
  • Next 92-day test period is currently underway.



Chomatography Oil Testing


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