Freight Car and Truck Parts

LEJAK offers a variety of freight car and truck components with short lead times and competitive pricing.

Utilizing its relationship with manufacturers such as Stucki and Alpha Products, LEJAK offers a variety of freight car and truck components. These parts include custom-made round hole grating, knuckles, brake beams, constant contact side bearings, friction castings, truck springs, side frame and bolster pocket wear plates, center bowl liners, brake beam guides, bottom rods, wheelsets, draft gears (new and reconditioned), reconditioned side frames and bolsters, reconditioned couplers, yokes and more.

For custom-built rail car fabrications, parts and more, view our fabrications page.

When sourcing these items, the last thing you should have to worry about is lead time or pricing. LEJAK strives to excel at both. Contact us to request pricing on any of these items.

Railcar Knuckles


Side frames

Side Frames

Railcar Wheelsets


Draft gears

Draft Gears

Brake beams

Brake Beams

Side bearings

Side Bearings

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